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Why should I register for a FREE VIP account?
You have nothing to lose by trying the Products:
♥Zero Capital Venture
♥No Registration Fees
♥No Monthly Quotas
♥No Annual Fees
♥No Risk
♥Purchase products at Wholesale price.
♥Can Be Passed On To The Next Generation
♥High Quality And Affordable Priced Products For You To Experience and Share
♥Support Our Social Programme – (One Business One Hope)


Registration Procedure (Our end)

1) Drop us an email at if you wish to join as member.

2) We will proceed with the registration for you.

3) We will email you once registration is complete and you can proceed to verification procedure.

Verification Procedure (Your end)

1) After registration, you will receive an Email with your Member ID, Sponser ID & Sponser Name.

2) Please note that your membership will only be activated when you submitted signed application and a copy of front and back of your NRIC.

3) You can only login after account verification.

4) The application will be replied in 3 working days.

5) Print out application form at

6) Please proceed to fill up and sign application form when you have your Member ID.

7) Please use your mobile phone to take a picture of completed form and separately take picture of BOTH sides of NRIC.

8) Once you have done taking pictures, use your phone and log in to

9) Upload application form, front & back of NRIC as 3 separate image files.

10) You will receive notification that your documents have been submitted.

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