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Cassia seeds

Cassia seeds
– Cassia is a plant in the family Leguminosae.
– In China it is mainly produced in Anhui, Guangxi, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places.




Cassia obtusifolia L. or Cassia tora L.( chin. : 决明子 )
– Just as its name implies, it refers to the dried mature seeds of Cassia obtusifolia L. or Cassia tora L.,
– Other names also include cassia tora seed, Cao Jue Ming, seed of sickle senna, and Foetid Cassia Seeds.
– The best collecting season is autumn when the fruits are ripe. And then it needs to dry in the sun, collect the seeds, and then remove the impurities. And it is usually used raw or fried.
– Jue Ming Zi in Chinese name, is known as a Chinese herb that is good at soothing the eyes and helping weight loss


– in TCM remedies it is an essential herb for treating a variety eye infections, such as hot eyes, swelling and pain eyes, blurred vision, photophobia, excessive tearing, and more;
– treat kidney and liver problems
– cassia seed pillow can tremendously improve sleep quality by removing heat and soothing the nerves; furthermore,
– All its water extract, alcohol-water extract, and ethanol extract can lower blood pressure;
– It can reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride;
– Its injection can lead to thymus atrophy in mice and enhance the phagocytic function of phagocyte;
– The anthraquinones contained are a mild laxative; it can be used as a laxative to relax bowel and treat constipation
– Paste made from cassia seeds is used for skin problems and parasites.
– Also, bacteria such as bacillus coli, parathyphoid bacillus, bacillus diphtheriae and staphylococcus can be treated with cassia seed alcohol infusion. Inhibiting of dermatomuces, fungi, is done with the extract or water infusion of cassia seeds.
– Its water extract has different degrees of inhibition on dermatophytes

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