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– an evergreen coniferous tree which has clusters of long needle-shaped leaves.
– Many kinds are grown for the soft timber, which is widely used for furniture and pulp, or for tar and turpentine.

Pine needlePine Needle
– any of the fine pointed leaves of a pine

– Pine needle tea is made from pine trees and has been around for ages.
– Pine needles are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, an antioxidant beta-carotene, thiamin, riboflavin.
– Lung health problem, Diabetes, Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), Cold remedy, Flu, Obesity, Dementia, Bladder problems, Kidney issues, Antidepressant, Anti-hypertensive, Anti-tumor, Acute bronchitis
– Healing of wound, Decongestive properties, Sclerosis, Anti-aging properties, Fatigue, Varicose veins, Ulcers, Headaches, Better eyesight

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