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Sichuan Lovage

Sichuan Lovage
– Lovage plant is a perennial herb of the Apiaceae family. growing 40 to 60cm high.
– This herb is mainly produced in Sichuan, Guizhou, and Yunnan provinces in China. As far as quality concerned, the ones from Sichuan are preferred.




Sichuan Lovage Rhizoma (chi. : 川芎)
– Also known as rhizoma ligustici chuanxiong,
– from the point of view of TCM it actually refers to the rhizomes of Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort.,
– In foods and beverages, lovage is used as a flavor component.
– In manufacturing, lovage is used as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.


– Used as “irrigation therapy” for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the lower urinary tract, for prevention of kidney stones, and to increase the flow of urine when urinary tract infections or fluid retention is present.
– Lovage is also used for indigestion, heartburn, stomachbloating, intestinal gas, irregular menstrual periods, sore throat, boils, yellowed skin (jaundice), malaria, gout, joint pain (rheumatism), and migraine headaches.
– It is also used as an expectorant to loosen phlegm and clear fluid around the lung (pleurisyv) in respiratory conditions.
– Ligustrazine, or Chuanxiongzine, can expand the coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow, improve myocardial oxygen supply, and decrease myocardial oxygen consumption;
– Ligustrazine can dilate cerebral blood vessels, reduce vascular resistance, significantly increase blood flow to the brain and body, and improve microcirculation;
– Chuanxiongzine can reduce platelet activity, inhibit platelet aggregation, and prevent thrombosis;
– Neutral components contained in Ferulic acid promote uterine smooth muscle in small doses and inhibit in large dose;
– Water decoction has sedative effect on animal central nervous system, as well as a clear and long-lasting antihypertensive effect;
– It can accelerate the absorption of fracture hematoma, promote callus formation;
– It can prevent vitamin E deficiency;
– It can inhibit a variety of bacteria;
– It has antihistamines and choleretic effect.

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