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Toothbrush 8 pieces

Slim ToothbrushBy Jonas Bergsten [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons




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Slim Toothbrush

1 Pack
Weight/Quantity: 8 toothbrushes

Size of toothbrush head (approximate): 24.5mm x 12mm

Material: PBT

Storage: Keep at cool dry place.

Net Price: SGD$13.74

Description: Bristles are soft and flexible. Round head and super slim size. Remove plague and residues effectively. You will feel refresh on your teeth and gums after using it.

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What are the advantages of using this toothbrush?
– This slim toothbrush removes plaque effectively.
– The brush is anti bacteria.
– Keep brush clean even when it is not used.
– With round head design, it reaches the back of your teeth easily.
– Brush handle is easy and comfortable to grip.
– Handle is chemical free.

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